Le Bozio et ses alentours :

  U boziu (Bozio) is the microregion in the center of Corsica where nest San Andrea, but also Alando, Alzi, Bustanico, Favalello and Sermano. These villages, often perched on rocky headways form an incredible rosary of houses in the middle of sweet chestnut trees. Any goshawk Caldanes, Monte Muffraje, Monte Piano Maggiore and some the others constitute the alpine chain crossed by Mare a Mare nord, path which binds the oriental coast with Carghese on the west coast, having crossed the central chain and having crossed the GR 20.  

  These words to say that seas and mountains, torrents and forests are never far. In 20 minutes of road, discover Corte, capital history, university town and center of ramble, to the outlets of sublime valleys of Restonica and Tavignano.



Unknown of guides before 2006, Bozio opens modestly to the lovers of nature, the true meetings and authentic gastronomy. The holiday cottage which we propose you opens in 2010, perfectly renewed in the respect for the traditional Corsican house. Seen in 360 on the mountain, the cool room at night, comfort guaranteed (to see equipment) but also terrace for the relaxation and shaded garden.

Some activities in the region :

Gone hiking on average or high mountain, multiple marked out paths, GR20 near.

Bathing in river, Restonica, Tavignagno, Vecchio unless 30min of car.

Bathing in the sea, less of 50km.

The map of the region

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